July 2015

Happy Birthday America

America is unique in all of human history. (continue reading)

Eliminate Automatic Negative Thoughts

Do They Help Or Hurt Me?

Step #6 What is it about our thoughts? Do they "just happen"? And if they just happen, are they always correct? (continue reading)

Basil Mint Pesto

Add to pasta or as spread on sandwiches. Delicious! (continue reading)


The news is filled with it; churches are preaching on it, the community is talking about it. What am I referring to? Prophesy. (continue reading)

Introducing Melany Radel

"Choose to make it a great day!" is Melany's life motto. Melany loves that PTM is an organization that Cheryl, Founder and CEO of PTM, started to give to others so freely. (continue reading)

July 1st Is International Joke Day

The first joke originated in ancient Greece by Palamedes and the first laughter club was formed in 350 B.C., which tells us that humans have always enjoyed cracking jokes and having a good laugh. (continue reading)

How to Help Someone Grieving

As a friend or relative, there is nothing more difficult than watching those we love endure pain - especially the pain that comes from the loss of a loved one. (continue reading)