June 2015

The History of Father’s Day

Did you know there are more than 70 million fathers in the United States? And because inquiring minds want to know.....we decided to delve into how this day became a nationally celebrated holiday. (continue reading)

Perhaps Today Facts-n-Findings

Though you may already be familiar with the story of Moses (Exodus, chapters 7-12), you may not know that each of the 10 plagues was a direct hit, aimed at one of the gods to which the Egyptians prayed. (continue reading)

New Board Member - Tom Dardick

Perhaps Today Ministries is proud to welcome Tom Dardick as its newest board member, effective April 2015. (continue reading)

Shish Kebabs for Father’s Day

The term shish kebab comes from two Turkish words literally meaning "skewer" and "roast meat."  It's a signature Turkish meal and a natural solution for nomadic tribes. Unusual meats were marinated not only to tenderize, but also to get rid of some of the gamey flavor.  It's been reported that Christopher Columbus was fond of Portuguese espetadas, a beef shish kebab marinated in wine and roasted on an open fire. (continue reading)

Managing Automatic Negative Thoughts

Keeping Us Physically Healthy

Step# 5: Thoughts are very powerful.  They can make your mind and body feel good or they can make you feel badly.  Every cell in your body is affected by every thought you have. (continue reading)

Forgiveness Day – June 26th

There’s so much to be angry about ….treat forgiveness as an ability, skill, and habit. (continue reading)

Senior Financial Abuse

Financial abuse is a form of senior abuse that can rob a senior of self-esteem and trust as well as his or her means of subsistence. (continue reading)