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February 2016

Four + Five = 9 Loves


“How do I love thee, let me count the ways…” (continue)

Post-Holiday Blues

After the holiday season ends, some people experience Post-Holiday Depression. (continue)

Fruits of the Spirit – Joy

Some people confuse the word joy with happiness, but joy comes from our relationship with the Lord and happiness is based on things outside of that. (continue)

Romantic Salad for Valentine’s Day Dinner

This salad is full of aphrodisiacs and “keeping it healthy” we chose this for our romantic recipe. Amour and Bon Appetite !! (continue)

The Perils of Digital Popular Culture

The digital revolution continues to radically transform society. Its effect is a great boon. Our choice and power in communication, media, multi-media production, photography, publication, and collaboration is unprecedented. (continue)

Useful Apps for Caregivers


A 2014 report indicated that the health and fitness mobile app market is worth $4 billion, and is expected to increase to $27 billion by 2017. It should come as no surprise then that apps for caregivers are a fast growing market. (continue)