Post-Holiday Blues

By: Sherry Myers


After the holiday season ends, some people experience Post-Holiday Depression. This usually surfaces from unmet expectations over the holidays or the sudden return to normalcy after time spent with family and others.


The stress and pressures of the holiday can affect people physically because of the energy depleted, directly associated with preparing for and going through the holidays. Some symptoms of Post-Holiday Depression are headaches, under or oversleeping, weight differences, agitation and isolation. According to one Danish study, there is a 40% uptick in suicide rates right after the holidays.


One way to battle the blues is to put some fun events on the upcoming calendar to look forward to. Plan a party with friends, a day trip or even a trip away for some vacation time. This will give you something to look forward to after the holiday festivities have died down. Make the New Year a time to think about taking care of your health and mental well-being but don’t put unrealistic expectations on yourself.


Post-Holiday Depression is usually short lived. If you are still feeling depressed after a few weeks, you may be dealing with something more serious and should consider reaching out to a professional for help.  Perhaps Today Ministries is a valuable resource in times of need. If you need assistance shaking off this dark cloud as you move into the New Year, contact Cheryl at