Meaningful Change in 2015

by Cindy Eslinger

Many of us start each New Year with resolutions - a fresh start and a desire to change something in our lives that makes us unhappy.  This sounds and feels good initially on the surface, but few of us have the willpower or stamina to see these changes through for very long.  We don't succeed because we often set goals that are too high to attain in a reasonable amount of time, leaving us feeling hopeless, helpless, and frustrated.


Meaningful change happens when we evaluate what is truly important in our lives and commit to persevere, even through failure, to effect positive change in those areas.  The basis for commitment comes from within you, and it involves all parts of you: the spiritual, the physical, and the mental.  In a thesis by Anthony Jennings (PDF) he states, “The Word of God (The Holy Bible) teaches that if the soul of man is fixed, the natural parts will not help but to become healthy and whole: Matthew 6:33."  "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  


Though it doesn't guarantee against failure, a healthy spiritual life is an important foundation upon which the other areas of your life can become healthy and be made whole.  God will help you along the way.  Make your spiritual health a priority by letting Perhaps Today Ministries help you set goals, find your strengths, and build your spiritual muscle.  We are privileged to partner with you as you commit to meaningful changes in your life.