Introducing Pastor Cheryl Ciambotti: Part 1

By Sherry Myers

Did you ever wonder about the person behind Perhaps Today Ministries? Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Pastor Cheryl Ciambotti and I want to share her thoughts on the ministry she has developed.

Cheryl is married with three children, a step-son, a daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren. Her hobbies include gardening, reading, and spending time with friends. She says that she can get lost in three places: a plant nursery, the library, and the Bible. The most positive role model in her life was her Grandma Torok who taught her about faith and how to have a relationship with Jesus.


Cheryl’s titles within Perhaps Today Ministries include: Founder, CEO, one of the Directors of the Board, and Counselor (some of us would say Counselor Extraordinaire!). Through her ministry, she is able to share some of her many gifts, such as wisdom, discernment, teaching, music, prophecy, shepherding, administration, and mercy. 


Even as a young girl going through tough times, she knew the calling of counselor was on her life. She would ask God why was she going through these difficulties and the answer would always be, “I know you will tell somebody about how you got through it all, and give ME the glory!” 


Throughout her life, people have sought her advice and wisdom. She was married at a young age and her dream at that time looked unobtainable. After her husband left their marriage, Cheryl couldn’t seem to find the time to take the right steps to begin a counseling ministry. Later, however, she married Leon who has supported both her and her vision. Her first attempts at what she called “Kitchen Table Counseling” failed, and she almost gave up. However, four years later she said, “The Lord smacked me on the forehead saying, ‘It’s time to get moving. People need help and the time is running short.’.”


She confided in a few close friends and asked for their opinions on starting a counseling service, on a donation basis, on her own. With their support, Cheryl printed business cards and began handing them out. Soon, she scheduled an appointment with a young woman, and Perhaps Today Ministries began its journey. Cheryl then went on to become a licensed minister and Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS). Acting on the advice of one of Cheryl’s mentors, PTM became a 501(c)(3) corporation.


Life experience has taught Cheryl to trust God more and herself less, and she has learned to be willing to take a step forward without knowing the plan - a step off a ledge with no visible bridge below. This, she says, is like the Priest who led the Israelites across the Jordon River at flood stage - simply taking a step of faith out onto the roaring waters and trusting that God would stay the water and they would cross over into the Promised Land without incident. PTM is her Jordan River and she’s trusting that God will deliver a corporate donor to help support Perhaps Today Ministries, and Cheryl, with her visions for 2015!


For more about Cheryl and how PTM was founded, see next month’s Perhaps Today News...