Perhaps Today Facts-n-Findings

By Cheryl Ciambotti

Interesting Biblical facts about the number 8:
 8 stand’s for new beginnings. Here are a few, but certainly not all.

  • New beginning- Noah and 8 people leave the ark.
  • New beginning- The first high priest consecrated in Leviticus 8.
  • New beginning- The priest in the tabernacle has to stay inside for seven days and is allowed out on the 8th day.
  • New beginning- Jesse’s son David was anointed of God to be King over Israel. He was the 8th son.
  • Transfiguration was on the 8th day after Jesus spoke about the coming Kingdom to them (Luke 9).
  • Thomas touched Jesus 8 days after the resurrection. New faith!
  • The meaning of the name “Jesus” in Hebrew is salvation or new birth.
  • God spoke to Abraham on 8 occasions. He was the beginning of a new people and a new covenant.

A few other amazing 8’s….

  • Jewish boys are circumcised on the 8th day. This day the body produces the greatest amount of Vitamin K which aids healing. After that it decreases in the body.
  • When you use numerical values in the Greek language for the letters in Jesus’ name they equal 888.

Next time you see an 8 in the Word of God…think New Beginnings!