We’re proud to be a part of this global celebration of giving. Everyone can have an impact on #GivingTuesday!




Join Perhaps Today Ministries International on December 3 by pledging your time, skills, voice, dollars to support our mission to provide Christian Spiritual Counseling, benevolent funding and education to the community. It is about making a difference!!




Our Goal



This year, we want to raise $10,000 to develop a program to fight against human trafficking. Our wish is to raise enough to have a symposium to educate the public on trafficking, addiction, pornography and dangerous phone apps which all depend on each other to continue this plague on our nation.




What We Do



Perhaps Today Ministries International offers Christian Spiritual counseling to individuals, couples and families to provide a safe place to grow and learn new skills to better cope with day-to-day activities and situations that arise whether they be in relationships, marriages or with loved ones battling an addiction or any other dysfunctional behavior.


  • We help clients find their voice, implement self-help skills, abandon codependent behaviors and practice good communication skills. This leads to reduced stress, better production, greater interaction with family, friends and co-workers as well as peace and serenity in all their affairs.


  • We assist clients with one-time funding to help them sustain necessary elements of life or to improve conditions to a satisfactory level.


  • We offer educational workshops, studies, seminars and classes to the community, as needed, and which are relevant to the community and the people in it.






Fighting Back Against Human Trafficking



Recently we have taken up the torch speaking at churches, rotaries, civic programs and networking groups about the scourge on our nation, that is trafficking. It is in every zip code and the US is the number one consumer. Most people do not see it or hear about it and therefore it is insolated and seemingly untouchable. I speak to groups to open eyes and ears and to impress on hearts the devastation I have seen firsthand in working with victims. This is happening right here in our local community! (If your church or organization is looking to understand this better, we’re happy to talk to them.)




Every year we are blessed to help whole families find acceptance and forgiveness through counseling. Marriages become stronger and parents and children bond despite the growing trend of isolation from electronics.






Examples of People We’ve Helped



One marriage this year was on the brink of collapse with only 5 days till the divorce was final. The wife was an abuse victim and had never learned how to bond. Our counselor was able to help the husband understand how her abuse had affected her and then work with them to create a safe place for her to grow. Now they show up each week holding hands and playfully flirting with each other.


A young girl was cutting herself and our counselor was able to help her learn the source of her pain and implement new coping skills to handle her stress. She also helped her get involved in her community and establish purpose in her life.






Things People Say About Perhaps Today Ministries



  • “You will never know how much I appreciate your wisdom” -- client to the counselor.


  • “What an enlightening talk you gave during the networking meeting. We all enjoyed your presentation and commend you for all the great work you are doing!” – grateful attendee at a networking meeting.


  • “Thanks for all the help and therapy. I’ve made a positive change in my life and I owe it all to you and God!” – client to Perhaps Today Ministries International


  • “Your speech at the conference was moving. I want to get involved and help you end trafficking!” – motivated participant in the community






What We Do Is Critical



PTM is unique and offers these services only asking each client to give a donation. However, this year we have seen more people with greater financial needs and the giving has been reduced dramatically. This is a good and a bad problem. Good because we are helping those who need it most and bad because the strain on our own financial responsibilities is greater. PTM is hard at work balancing the needs of our clients with our own needs for funding to support our services. One way we keep our costs low is no one ever takes a salary. Our counselor volunteers her time and our board is made up of all volunteers as well.






Everything you give goes directly to helping clients.





Will you join millions of people around the 🌎 to show up, give back, and change your community??